Open Your Eyes : About human life in today’s world.

Humans, what an incredible word. We are considered the most intelligent specie on the Planet, however, we are the worst.What we do in this world ? Who brought us here? What’s our mission in this world?

Maybe we’ll never understand it, but it seems that our only mission is to continue with its destruction. Have you ever considered that this planet does not belong to us? Either way, its care is in our hands. They were here way before us, we are nothing but their guests. We came and invade their territory and we are destroying their home. The’ve been tolerant, we’ve been forgiven countless times, but we keep ignoring their situation.

We’ve been their kidnappers, their killers, however, they accept us as their owners. We are the only specie that attacks, destroys, annihilates, contaminates and extinguish just for ambition, just to live better.  The world is yours, it’s ours, it’s for all of us, remember it’s their world too and we have to understand that they give to anything to save their lives, much less to save their planet. Planet Earth is dying, we are destroying it in a savagely way, but it’s hungry for love, it’s getting weak and despite it all, it keeps giving us generously the best experiences since we arrived on it.
The Planet has been the best host for the specie, does it need no recognition? If we were giving the capacity to speak, think, create, build and help, why do we remain silent, ignoring, destroying and killing?

Open your eyes, you are dying too, along with your Planet, the only Planet in our Solar System that we were given the privilege to live. We are billions on this Planet, we are thinking race, rational, dominant, why we haven’t noticed it?

We are capable of conquering countries, the moon, even planets, however, we are not capable of conquering our own hearts. Touch your heart, feel what it’s trying to say, listen to what is yearning for, and let’s understand that we have to coexist on the same Planet.  Start by changing yourself, engage yourself, make sure your children know it and understand it, and remind those who have forgotten. When the day Humanity stops existing and another specie finds this planet, they will see that our specie failed, fell down but got up and fixed our mistakes. The Planet is not the same anymore and we cannot wait any longer. Everybody knows what we have to do, our time it’s now. The future of the Planet is still in your hands, help it, let’s help it. because Planet Earth is YOU.

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