How Long We Sit Quiet ?

I start writing this blog post from a Photography which showing two faces of my Place Mukkam. its proud to show land beauty and and sad to see the disaster in long view. When Mr.Nisar published the below post on fb, I was confused which emotion I give Heart Sign or Sad Sign.

Rice Field in Kerala

His timeline Post “On Earth Day, Let the topic be my Village. One side increasing the level of Pond for agriculture that makes land beautiful and other side half of hills destroyed with in 6 months. within a year it will disappear from there and we can add it in History”

My state Kerala is know as God’s own Country because of its beautiful landscapes but Keralites itself start calling as Devils land. because some greedy people are destroying the natural resources. When Gulf countries are focusing to make landscape we here are destroying the nature. What a Paradox !!! Yesterday also some people were cutting a Giant Shade Tree at Mukkam Market. Do they plant another shade tree for this !!!! I dont think.

Mr.Nisar is from my Village, a Wild life photographer and also he post my Village activities photographs in his fb timeline. When I was at Qatar, I noticed one of his Photograph about illegal sand mining.  Recently I heard from my relative Faheem that Mr.Nisar got threaten because of sand mining picture. but he still continuing his social responsibility as a Photographer. Kerala is highest literate state (93.91% – 2011 Census) in India compare to other India state but its always surprised to see why people are not reacting for this theft. One answer is they are afraid of Mafia but it’s not visible in Public.

Sand mining and extracting stones from Quarry, only groups or party can do something & the whole village will join with that. Unfortunately Political party will not speak. because they are collecting big funds from them. I had an experience also. it was 3 years ago, I believe in a Party (not policial) who only focusing to help people. At the time of fund collection a member said, Lets go and Collect money from quarry owner. I said I will not come. If we collect fund from them, later we have to obey them.

I think you all know how destruction of hills and sand mining affect us. Its scientific proved that mountains are the pillars and its balancing the earth. When it collapse Huge Earth Quake may happen. Sand Mining causes the degradation of rivers. Instream mining lowers the stream bottom, which may lead to bank erosion. River bharathapuzha  is a victim of sand mining. I dont need to explain when there is no water in river how it affect in all our Life. We only learn lesson when it disappear and face that reality. Until then all keep silent.

here in Kerala after 1 month its Legislative Assembly Election, One day some party member came to my home to get my membership. My main concern is always Natural Resources. So I asked them what did their party did for Sand Minding & Rock Breaking in my Place. they said their party did some where in other side of Kerala (May be or May not be). What I wanna know is that what they did in my place to stop this stealing. When things are happening in front, why don’t they try to stop. I remember a strike were happened 1 year ago when I was abroad against this quarry owners. I came to know it via Whatsapp Group. After some day, posted again that Strike was success. I asked that group admin so did they stop breaking stones. he said this strike is to give job for the village lorry driver for transport this stone (before they were giving to other place drivers). I felt Pitty. Villagers itself digging their Grave.

Above mentioned Quarry (a place, typically a large, deep pit, from which stone or other materials are or have been extracted)


I also express here my gratitude to a One Man Army Mr.Binu who fought against a  quarry at TekkinKutti. even after they offered him cash, and death threat from quarry owner.he didnt obey . the Quarry closed legally. Only courageous person can do this.

In this summer Hot is increasing drastically. Trees, Rivers, Mountains,Water Falls everything is in my village but the disaster rate is fast.  All our this activities affect Global Warming. Some People may say even we stop ,it continue other side. but remember individuals are group. there are very other things also affecting Global Warning. One Major thing is Burning Plastic. its very dangerous . Please try to reduce the plastic usage by carrying cloth bags. me and my family following it. We always keep cloth bags in our vehicles.

I here decicate this line to the greedy people who destroying natural resources . ONLY WHEN THE LAST TREE HAS DIED & LAST RIVER HAS BEEN POISONED & THE LAST FISH HAS BEEN CAUGHT. WE WILL REALISE THAT WE CAN NOT EAT MONEY.

niyaz kannanchery at water fall Kerala

by Niyaz Kannanchery


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