Life with a Big Question Mark !!!

Our Life …. Just finished watching Interstellar. Two years back When we were watching Hollywood Science Fiction movies we thought it all take time. but what’s happening now. Interstellar movie says about a virus destroying trees & crops. So that people quit their Job ; started cultivating their own to survive. Meanwhile, on the other side, Nasa is on research to plant people to other planets ( like Elon Musk is doing – Founder of SpaceX.)

Now Let’s come to our real scenario. Today when I was taking an evening walk my mind was full about Covid Virus – “In Our world there are millions of Virus. but Out of these Suddenly a single killer virus formed start spreading to one and other human beings. Just imagining a single virus affected all over the world. We the great human are helpless in front of a tiny invisible object but our pride still standing on top.  We also thought it may end within a year. but it celebrated anniversary and keep on going with more dangerous mutations”.

Where our world is going after all the great inventions. What all things are yet going to be witnessed. Can we able to meet our dearest people. Can we achieve our Life Goals?  Is money or Life is more important?  All I can see with a Big Question Mark !!!!

Tale: the moment when I am searching on Google. Even after Vaccination, the Covid cases are increasing to the highest. Is it the inefficiency of Vaccination or the Careless attitude of people? .

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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