Hello ISIS where did you learn Islamic Teaching?


today morning (04 Feb 2015) when I reached at Office my colleague Mr.Elsayegh was watching a video. he called me & Miss.Hazel and showed ISIS uploaded new video burning a Pilot alive. I just looked few sec  & returned to my desk. I dont like to watch violence video because it affect negative in our mind.

In the name of Islam what they are doing is sad. Hey ISIS, What did this young pilot did on you !!! Can’t you realise how much effort he took to become a pilot but you guys just washed out all with a few min. don’t forget You will answerable in front of Almighty God for all you deeds.

You know ISIS, your 1% people is destroying 99% muslim community who wish to live here peace. Are you following Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) teaching? what did Quran says? what Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) showed to us. Quran verses are against killing innocent people. Islamic History says that Prophet only involved in wars when its very necessary & they never started the battle first.

History says that our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) never killed any prisoners captured in the War. instead of that he forgive and released them. THAT IS ISLAM , a religion that’s loving peace. the word itself mentioning PEACE. No one will come to Islam by seeing your activity. People is attracting to Islam just by seeing our nice behaviour that’s what our loving prophet also did.

Please stop killing Innocent people. If someone attack your country who have the right to attack back BUT only to those
attacking one. learn learn more about Quran & Islamic history before you go for another act. May God show the right path …


by Niyaz Kannanchery

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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