Which of the Favors of your Lord would you Deny?

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Blog Published on: Jan 3, 2017 

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Two day ago, I found a Video from Facebook Wall. I asked in comment “Is there Channel available of this person on YouTube?” . Someone replied that it was Fatih Seferagic Fatih Seferagic Videos. I Subscribed and Add to Watch Later.

I am currently looking for a job, so after applying for vacancies, I have enough time to sit alone. My uncle’s Limousine office is very quiet compared to other branches. Today, I watched that video again and carefully read the subtitles. I felt like crying when I heard this line: “Which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” It’s so powerful. God is pointing out each favor and asking the same question repeatedly.

If we simply think about it, we can understand how merciful He is. Just think about the oxygen around us; what if it stopped for a few minutes? Consider our bodies; think about all the activities happening inside all the time – our eyes, brains, heart, lungs, intestines, their connectivity, and how perfectly they function. Think about water; what if He didn’t provide it through rain, with climate changes for our good? Look all around at these priceless gifts. Has He denied us anything? He has raised us as the most precious creatures in the world and given us the great capability to conquer anything in this world.

Have you ever thought that standing in front of Him on weekdays is enough? Even then, you’re asking for more benefits from Him. Do you praise Him before you ask? Perhaps rarely! How seriously do we think about praising Him all day?

God is asking us to do only a few things for all His blessings and has offered an infinite and beautiful life hereafter (if we obey). Walk on Earth in a good manner, behave with people in a nice way, and give compulsory charity (Zakat) (2.5% of your savings) to the poor from what we save every year or month. Do you think your earnings are solely because of your hard work? For Him, it takes less than seconds to prove otherwise by changing one of your brain neurons. You could be paralyzed forever. Nothing can replace His blessings.

Islam is a beautiful religion, but some are trying to defame it. In Islam, there is a minimum of 5 times praise to God every day. You might have seen people crying while reciting the Quran. If we know the meaning and recite it beautifully, we melt in those verses. They are sweet, strong, and miraculous words from God. In the Holy Quran (revealed to mankind 1400 years ago) you can see there are many miracles, and these facts have been scientifically proved only in these modern days.

Think with your brain and make the right choices because you will live here for an average of only 60 years; the rest of your life is in an infinite world.

Note: The video is Quran Chapter 55 – (Surah Ar-Rahman).

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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