Even I am Jobless, My Mind is Happy

It’s exactly One Year I resigned from my Job, even I worked in Kerala (India) around 4 years I didn’t save anything . Salary receiving from there is very less. With enough job experience I flew to Qatar and got Job a prestigious company (sub division in different field). handled around 5 company accounts same time which I felt was priceless.

I resigned with a good bank savings, after that last 1 years experienced many incident which I cannot forget. Two times One month stay in Singapore for Job Hunt, with Guinness events two times (in that One month in UAE), a Car travel through Indian states & Nepal around 20 days. After all of these I left was ticket cost travel to Qatar.


Now I am here in Qatar (24-Dec-2016). You can guess what I have remaining. I am not regretting anything in my Life. because all my Life decision was by own. I never allow anyone to interfere in it. I get advice when I needed.

Looking back to my Life I was behind to achieve some dream but seems failed in front of others but not in me. I believe I am a very lucky champ. Got very good friends in all those travel, nice memories and great experience.

I was not like this before. My Whole Life was changed when I left to Bangalore for studies. I sacrificed 1 year of my Life for getting permission from my parents. I still remember many people told my parent that why they let me to go far for Degree studies. Keralites know what’s the reason behind those comments. But I was changing from there & many Qualities I learned. Those who complained never know what all treasures I achieved. Even on last month I heard from some that “Niyaz changed a lot”. Those knew my old and new.

Internet Era is another factor. I was a hard game player when I got Computer in 2005. Those days I searched more GTA, Commandos Cheat codes. After 2 years I lost complete interest in game and start searching HTML code, Video Editing etc. Many I did self learning from net. It was good I started it on school time.

Like any Human being I had disappointing attitude but Overcome and start seeing Positive in everything. If we look in to it you can see something good from all. I don’t expect any help from others. Some people told me If any help needed call them but I say thanks and keep away in a smile. I always make sure I am not a disturbance for other. Because people mind are unpredictable (important lesson of a Commerce student :D). For me relations are always precious. but I also make sure If someone ask any help or advise I do it. If I cannot; I show the way after searching from somewhere. Otherwise my mind disturb until they get it. I find happiness by doing service with my knowledge.

as I said Internet affect alot. I am habit to watch motivational video. Listen where I go. Traveling to work, going for exercise and even while I go for Sleep. Have a great collection in mobile from different time download. Watching it made me to see Life in different perspective way. I believe that Life is for experimenting things. Knowledge and Qualification always gives some sort of confidence level. We are dealing with people. Some place we get rejected but Options are plenty on earth.

I thank to people (who worked with me, deal with me, stayed with me) in mind as I can learn new thing from them. Always try to make my mind Calm with listening music, eat Ice Cream, Sit alone in sea shore. Never keep hatred to others. I don’t bother of what others doing with their Life because it’s their choice and freedom of living. It doesn’t matter as Long as it affects my Life.

Some People come to me with negative talks, this time I try to avoid those or change topic. I believe Negative thinking will not give any progress in Life. We can achieve anything in this world if we keep on try with the interest. Nothing comes to us without trying. Paulo Coelho word’s are not just fascinating. Its 100% true: “When you want something, entire Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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