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BBM PIN is term related with Blackberry Phones.

Updated on Saturday, October 26, 2013

  • BBM means Black Berry Mobile + PIN
  • Black berry Mobile pin= BBM PIN
  • The BlackBerry PIN number is a unique number that identifies a BlackBerry device. Almost like a Social Security Number.
  • BlackBerry Messenger comes preloaded on BlackBerry mobile phone.
  • It’s same like Yahoo messenger but BBM is for blackberry to blackberry and service is free.
  • BlackBerry Messenger is simply an instant messaging program for BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry communication.
  • It allows two people with BlackBerrys to chat in real time anywhere in the world so long as they have data service.
  • With BlackBerry Messenger there is no per message charge like there is with SMS; messages are sent through RIM servers similar to email messages.

There are two methods of adding contacts in BlackBerry Messenger. One is via PIN and the other is via email.

  • A PIN is an eight digit alpha-numeric code that is assigned to every BlackBerry device. You can find your own PIN code by going to Options>Status>PIN on your BlackBerry device.
  • If you are requesting a contact by email, you simply need an email address associated with their device.

BlackBerry PIN is an eight character hexadecimal identification number assigned to each BlackBerry device. PINs cannot be changed manually on the device (though BlackBerry technicians are able to reset or update a PIN server-side), and are locked to each specific BlackBerry.

BlackBerrys can message each other using the PIN directly or by using the BlackBerry Messenger application. BlackBerry PINs are tracked by BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, and the BlackBerry Internet Service, and are used to direct messages to a BlackBerry device.

Emails and any other messages, such as those from the BlackBerry Push Service, are typically directed to a BlackBerry’s PIN.

The message can then be routed by a RIM Network Operations Center, and sent to a carrier, which will deliver the message the last mile to the device. Example of a BlackBerry PIN: 2689FE30.


Updated on Saturday, October 26, 2013

  • BlackBerry has just launched its iconic BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app for Android and iPhone. Those who had already registered on BBM.com would get to use the messaging app right away
  • BlackBerry has revealed than in the first 24 hours since it launched BBM for Android and iPhone it has been downloaded more than 10 million times
  • BBM achieved number one app status in the UK, US, Canada, Indonesia and “most of the Middle East,” according to a BlackBerry statement.

How to get download BBM for android and iPhone?

BlackBerry has taken the rather unique approach of implementing a queuing system for access to its now-cross-platform IM app.
1) You can Download the App
2) Register or Sign-in
3) and then wait for BlackBerry to verify your BBM account and grant you access to the service

If you registered in advance you’ll have received an email from BlackBerry that allows you to skip to the front of the queue.

Below is a little trick to get instant access to BBM as soon as it’s downloaded:
CNET is has mentioned about this trick

Open the BBM app, enter your e-mail address and click next.
Then, force-close the app: on an Apple device double-click the home button and swipe the app away; or on Android, enter the multitasking menu and swipe the app away, or go to Settings, Apps, BBM, and Force Close.

Prelaunch the app and it should allow you to create an account and start using the app.
Bear in mind however that BlackBerry could close this sneaky loophole at any time.

Frequently asked questions regarding BBM

1- For what platforms and devices is BBM available?

  • In addition to BlackBerry smartphones, BBM™ is currently available on iPhone and Android devices.
  • For iPhone, BBM supports iOS V.6 and iOS v7 or later.
  • For Android, BBM supports smartphones running Android V.4.0 (Ice cream Sandwhich) and later and with a screen size of 7” or less.

2- Is BBM free? Do I need to have a data plan to use it?

  • Yes. BBM is free to download. Like many apps, BBM requires access to the Internet and contributes toward your wireless data usage when you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi® network.
  • Some wireless service providers offer ways to check your data usage so that you know whether your service plan is appropriate for the amount that you use each month.

3- How do I check what version of the BBM application I have?

  •  Within BBM tap the 3 dot menu
  •  Tap Settings
  • The BBM version is displayed at the bottom

4- Is there a limit on the size of file that I can send?

  • Currently, you can only send files that are 6 MB or smaller.

5- Is BBM on iPhone and Android devices available in other languages?

  • BBM on iPhone and Android devices is available from the App Store and Google Play in over 35 different languages. For a complete list, visit the App Store or Google Play.

6- Are Android custom ROMs supported?

  • No. Custom ROMs are not supported.

7- Are animated avatars supported?

  • Yes animated avatars are supported in BBM.

When attempting to use animated avatars in BBM, please keep the following requirements in mind:
• Maximum file size: 32KB
• Supported file types: GIF
• Image must be in dimensions of a square, for example 30px x 30px, 40px x 40px, etc.
• 30px x 30px minimum
• 333px x 333px maximum
• 100px is optimal

8- Does BBM support chats between platforms?

  • Yes, as long as you and your friends have BBM installed on a supported iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry smartphone, you can chat with your friends across platforms.

9- What is a BBM PIN and how do I find it?

  • Unlike other instant messaging apps which use your phone number or email addresses as your identifier, BBM uses a PIN (personal identification number) so that you are always in control of who can contact you. This means you can share your PIN while maintaining your privacy and always being in control of who can contact you. When you install BBM on Android or iPhone, you will be assigned a new PIN. Your PIN is unique to the combination or your device and BBID.

BBM PINs are 8 characters long and randomly generated – they are totally anonymous and no one can send you messages in BBM unless they have your PIN, and you have accepted their request to add you to BBM.

To find your PIN :
1. Tap your BBM picture or name.
2. Tap Show Barcode.

To copy your PIN, tap Copy PIN.

10- Can I use BBM to message someone who doesn’t have BBM?

  • No. Before you can message someone using BBM, they must download the application to a supported device and then invite you to be a contact. If you would like a friend to join BBM, you can invite them using their email address or mobile phone number. They will receive an invitation to download and install the application.

11- What is a BBID?

  • A BBID gives you access to BBM and any saved BBM data. After creating your BBID, you should confirm your account using the email.

To view your current BBID information, do the following:

1. Tap the Context Key > Settings.
After a certain amount of time, if you aren’t actively using BBM, you might be prompted to re-enter your BBID password. If you want to sign in with a different BBID in BBM, you will need to reinstall BBM.
Note: You can also use a computer to create or edit your BBID by visiting www.blackberry.com/blackberryid

12- What is the difference between a broadcast message and a multi-person chat?

  • A broadcast message can be used to cascade a single message to multiple users at once. When a broadcast message is sent, it does not open a chat for each user or track the delivery status. A recipient knows they have received a broadcast message because the text appears in blue. If you send a broadcast message, any responses are sent to you only and not the entire audience of the broadcast message.
  • The multi-person chat feature also allows you to cascade messages to multiple users on your BBM contact list, but in a more interactive way. Responses from participants in the group chat are visible to all members of the chat. While the chat is active, you can also see as members of the chat leave. Similar to broadcast messages, you cannot see when messages are delivered or read.

13- Is BBM Video available on all platforms?

  • At this time BBM Video is only available for BlackBerry® 10 users.

14- Will BBM Channels be available?

  • At this time, BBM Channels is only available for BlackBerry users.

15- Can I restore conversations that I deleted?

  • In an active chat, you can view messages that you sent and received by scrolling up. You can also change your BBM options so that you can view your chat history with a contact after you end the chat.

1. Tap the Context Key > Settings.

2. Set the Save Chat History switch to On.

If a chat window has been closed prior to enabling ‘Save Chat History’ you will not be able to restore a        conversation.

16- How do I use group chat?

  • To start a new group chat, select Groups along the bottom toolbar followed select the group you would like to chat with. Tap Chats and you’ll be able to communicate with others within the group.

17- How do I set up BBM?

  • After you download BBM from BlackBerry World, the App Store, or Google Play, complete the setup wizard to start using BBM. As part of the setup, you are prompted to create a BBID or log in using an existing BBID. If you would like to set up a BBID before you download BBM,

18- How do I set or update my profile picture?
1) Tap your picture or name on the BBM header
2) Tap your current picture. Tap Replace picture. Select a new picture to use as your BBM picture.

19- How can I add contacts or invite my friends to join BBM?

  • You can add contacts to BBM by scanning a BBM barcode, typing a BBM PIN, or by selecting a contact on your device.
  • You can also access your social network to find and invite contacts to BBM

20- What is a BBID?

  • A BBID gives you access to BBM and any saved BBM data. After creating your BBID, you should confirm your account using the email.

To view your current BBID information, do the following:
1. Tap the Context Key > Settings.
After a certain amount of time, if you aren’t actively using BBM, you might be prompted to re-enter your BBID    password. If you want to sign in with a different BBID in BBM, you will need to reinstall BBM.
Note: You can also use a computer to create or edit your BBID by visiting www.blackberry.com/blackberryid.

21- How do I reset my BBID password?

  • Visit www.blackberry.com/blackberryid to reset your BBID password.

22- How do I locate my BBID username?

  • To view your current BBID information, do the following:

1. Tap the Context Key > Settings.

Your BBID username will be the email address displayed.

22- What emoticons can I use?

  • BBM includes different emoticons that you can use in your chats and status updates. You can type a 2-digit country code in asterisks to add a flag icon to your message, such as typing *CA* to add a Canadian flag.

Below are the links to download BBM for android and iPhone

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