Are we still Sleeping , then Ready to die soon.

qatar buldings

We dig Earth Womb to construct big building. Why don’t we realize a shake enough to destroy your pride.

Last week I bought a packet cashew nut from Family shopping center, after payment the packing guy tried to put it polythene cover. I refused & said I can keep in shoulder bag but he forcefully gave it in polythene cover. I removed polythene and placed on that desk.

We people must caution on what is happening in the world. last month research came out that Antarctica ice melting very fast compare to past year. We may think Oh its at Antarctica why we caring ? as we all know that over 70% percent of Earth’s is covered with water and land 30%. When the ice melt Sea Water level increase. Isn’t it enough to cover us? Do you think If you continue this way, can we Live here for so long. The reason of ICE melting is Global warming. We generation only know how to destroy things. We cut down tree but never plant (says If you Cut 1 tree Plant, Plant ten).

In Gulf countries it’s illegal to do sharing travel in Private Cars. As the Petrol price is cheaper, most of them using cars (one guy one car). These create traffic, wastage of fuels and more over Air Pollution. Even the petrol is worthless there, how about pollution day by day?  Car Pooling is a way to solve this issue at an extend. [ some countries have WebSites for Carpooling ( | | ) ]

Countries are fighting each other to construct Sky scrapers . On 27-May-14 you might read that earthquake in Dubai Rater scale 5.1. Do we have to learn anything from this? Our mother earth is giving us warning but we still sleeping & digging her Womb to construct biggggg building.  when construct Sky Scrapers , have to dig equal to the height of the building and there should be equal amount of concrete by weight. Why don’t we realize a shake enough to destroy all this pride. Some people commented on that News “May God bless all”. What it means??? God blessed us more than we want but we are exploiting and destructing all God blessing by polluting riving, destroying hills, cutting down trees & Mountains,

God placed Earth with perfect balance. We are destroy mountains from one area & other area construction huge building. do not laugh at me If I say it may make earth Unbalancing. I heard a fact that If earth axis move, here would be great cold & move to opposite side its become great hot. both states we cannot survive.

USA & Canada region experienced -36°C freezing cold four months back. the rivers & waterfall are frozen as you see on below picture. We learned anything from this? what the reason of this Climate change? to the whole humanity , Please Please don’t ignore this change.

freezing experience


as I am from Kerala, a state with beautiful landscape with forest, mountains, waterfalls, lakes & rivers, but the lobbies are cutting down trees, doing sand mining to fill their pockets more than the rule allowed. but they can’t take this money to their grave.

last Thursday (29-May-2014) evening 03:00 PM , I went near to Qatar New Airport with a flat mate named Rashid (to deliver bar core tag to Hitachi company). I wondered when I saw the plants both side of roads. these place was desert one time & at summer time, temperature increase upto 50°C or more. At this temp its hard to maintain these plants , its very expensive but flowers were Smiling to me with full health. you can see Pictures down.

qatar landscape 1000

See the humans mentality. If something more We don’t give any values. example Gulf countries Petrol price (1 Riyal) is very less. So they are not trying to limit that & here very hard to grow trees, but they are planting & spending lots of money for its maintenance.

Our Mother Earth is not cruel to us. We are hurting her very badly but She is tolerating.some time she react like our mothers doing to teach us sometime good. but we are don’t bother. In Every natural disaster If we look the reason, there would be natural exploitation.

Please Please care to protect earth. Each individual is responsible for it. small caring makes big changes. Dont think Saving Earth can be done in a day. When i talk to you I m equally responsible to be follow it in my life.

Stop burning Plastics, reduce buying Plastic bags, Save Papers usage in your office; Did you know that Over 4 Billion tress are cut down each Year for Paper? that is an Alarming 126 trees Per Second !!!. when I make any wrong printing in office I don’t trash it. In future other side we can use for writing note or taking reference printing.

Use car pooling system or Public transportation to Save Fuel & Reduce Pollution. don’t allow to destroying Mountains & Hill in your area because Mountains are know as Nails (Pin or Spike) of Earth. What If all the Nails on your Home remove, it collapse without doubtfully.If you come to know any illegal sand mining,  report to authorities ,

some people may ask how saving electricity helps Earth. I advise you to google if you have any doubts. because I don’t wanna make this blog more longer.

Please click here (WikiHow) to know more about Saving Earth with Picture. remember Small Act of your make a Big Change. Each Individual is responsible. Don’t think like he is not doing why should I ! What If everyone start thinking same !!! So Please do your part rest God will do.


niyaz kannanchery at water fall Kerala

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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