Why I signed to donate my Organs !


Donate Organs

Is ONE equals to EiGHT ! How is it possible?? YES its. I am really proud to announce that I signed to donate my Organs means after my death I can give 8 Lifes. It’s my Gift to the humanity. It was on Holy Ramadan (10-July-14) from City Center Mall Qatar at 09:50 PM organized by Hamad Medical Corporation. niyaz signed to donate Organs

at my childhood there were more people who hesitate to donate blood. My Mom taught me giving blood can save Lifes and we can be healthy. These days most of them are ready to donate blood.  Now the fear turned to donate our organs. My question is Why you afraid to do this. It can be hard to think about Death but its a reality. Why we just wasting our Organs after our death. Isn’t it beautiful when our Organs Lives even after our death. Do you think someone  cut you after you death makes you pain or your body looks ugly after they take out your Organs? No your body wouldn’t be ugly.

You know through donating organs you are giving new Lifes to many People & how many New Life? Is it one, two. No guys minimum 8 Live or more If you are Lucky. 2 eyes (Cornea), 2 kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, Pancreas and many more. Plus the great reward from God that you can’t imagine. In Islam its says “He who saves a Life, it is as If he saved all mankind” (Holy Quran Chapter 5 : Verse 32). I am sure in all Holy Scriptures you can find similar. Because God really Loves saving other humans.

Every day three people die while waiting for an organ transplant and many others lose their lives before they even get on to the transplant list. There is a serious shortage of organs and the gap between the number of organs donated and the number of people waiting for a transplant is increasing.

Its Life friends and our future is unpredictable. You or your family might be the one who is in need of Organ in future, what would be your feeling when you be hard find donors. how can you expect someone when you are not ready for a donor? So I request everyone to donate Organs & save the humanity.  Its not a big deal. come on Keep Smiling 🙂

Note : We make a Living by what we get, but we make a Life by what we Give.


niyaz kannanchery at water fall Kerala

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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