He is doing, then why Shouldn’t I ?

qatar story

I am at Qatar last 1 Year. I will tell two stories happened today.

First Story

today morning I was going to Bank with my Colleague. He entered in Car & threw Tea Cup outside on road. I requested him to take & put in waste bin while going. he didn’t listen. I took it back. On the way threw in a dust bin (many bins here on road side). then he was saying our other colleague also doing same.

Second Story

as shown in pic : Its Written in almost all Qatar Mosques that ‘DO NOT USE FOOT WEARS IN STAIR AREA’. but in
every mosque here many people leave their footwear on stair. after ablution when we walk first floor, get dust on others
legs who follows rule. people forgetting Mosques are ‘House of God’. today few hours before (07:20 PM) when I saw one guy walking on stairs and left the shoe there. I just showed him that poster (didn’t say anything). He was saying others also doing same !!!!

Whats Wrong with us?

this is our problem. When others say something good that doesn’t makes any efforts, their reply would rely on others

REALISE GUYS, Each Individual is a Society. First you stop doing, automatically it make change in Society. Just understand and follow it. I’m not trying to increase my image through this post. I dont like to advise anyone but its so sad by seeing all this activities. Please it’s a request from heart


When I raised this issue in a Qatar Forum one user commented another two issues, this also I noticed here. One is religions issue that I am not mentioning here but you can read in blog comment.

the Other one is eating or drinking food in public buses at Qatar. Its Ok in this busy Life. but Please don’t leave food cover or bottle in bus. When you get down take that & put it road side in waste bin. For Small Act ,reward from God might be bigger.

by Niyaz Kannanchery

by Niyaz Kannanchery







Updates (04-March-15)

the Day I posted this blog , until now my colleague (case 1), talks about this. He want to remove this topic. I told him that I didn’t mention his name on post. the he said he will continue throw the cup on road. So I informed him that I will mention his name & photo here (Photo purposefully I took today)  😀

Niyaz Kannanchery

me and Akbar Badshah (right)




6 thoughts on “He is doing, then why Shouldn’t I ?

  1. I would like to add two more of my experiences:

    First, there are many times I see people eating on the Karwa bus. There is no problem in that. However, after they finish they simply drop their cold drink cans and paper bags on the floor and walk away. Some of them even leave them behind on their seats.

    My second experience is a very unusual one. Right behind Saudi Hypermarket on Sharah Umm Al Dhoom in Muaither there is a Jamia Masjid. On Fridays, when the mosque is packed full, many offer their prayers on the streets. However, just on the side of the street there is a covered car parking space. People use this space to for prayers due to the shade, They do not realize the car shade does not face the Qibla but faces the mosque.

    I have stood up and pointed this out to the people on all Fridays. 75% of the time people listen to me and correct themselves. 25% of the time they don’t and dislike my advice and continue to pray facing the wrong direction!!

    • Yes bro, Karwa bus issue also I noticed. I ll mention this also in blog.

      you know I always think where this people are learning Islam. their dresses is like a scholars but many of them dont know correct Islamic way. here in darul kutub area (doha) also its happening.

      You know when there is enough space in mosque people used to pray on outside (dusty place). dont understand for whom they are praying ? cleanness is very important in Islam.

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