You don’t have right to Waste Public Resources. Story from my room


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I am staying at Qatar. In my room there is a desktop which my roommate is using. Bit old and most of the time its ON even no one use. he sit late night on desktop and go to bed without turning off.

when I wake up, I seen many time Desktop is ON not even in sleep mode. Its continuing last few weeks. (he came from Vacation recently). When I saw, woke up and shutdown.

today also after my work when I reached room (09th Nov 14 |  06:30 PM) its ON and he was outside. He is elder than me and senior staying in this room 😛 , So I couldn’t tell him to turn off while leaving room , it might feel awkward to him. anyhow he must realize the value of electricity.

Its not Paying the money. When all share electricity bill, will be very less.You Guys might be knowing the process to generate electricity Its not that easy as ON the switch and bright the light. Countries are using different type method to generate electricity such as Wind,Wave,Diesel etc etc. In Gulf countries its Diesel (correct me if I am wrong).

Do you think Diesel will last for ever. Diesel is a nonrenewable resource because once you use it, it’s gone.It take many long years to Generate other. So guys limit waste of electricity. I am talking in General. In your country if its generating from other source or buying from other country or state.

anyhow what I did today was created a scheduled activity in windows 7 that If the system is Idle more than 30 min it goes for automatic shutdown. Hope it will works. Lets see in coming days.

NB : Paying for Electricity doesn’t mean that you can use how much you want. Please think about your country and coming generation. It is very valuable for our country growth (manufacturing product). THINK A DAYS IN DARK . IS IT POSSIBLE TO IMGINE?


niyaz kannanchery at water fall Kerala

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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