being Kind is a Weakness?

being Kind is a Weakness?

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Sometime I think so, being Kind is my weakness, Should I Stop?

I am in search of Accountant Job at Qatar. My uncle provided visa. when he came to know I have knowledge in Web Development he asked to redesign his company website into responsive design because I have enough free time. I agreed and replied I’ll do after I get job because my mind is not relaxed. but he said he wanna do it as soon as possible & gave me choice either give it outside or to me. I know web developers charge high. I repeated I m ready to help & do it for free of cost So do not pay outside. he said its not about money, he pay to me but comparing outside he can save something. even through I am not ready I agreed and showed layout after 2 days. after review by his managers they assigned me that task.

My character is like this If I can, I do help to needy people who ever its and what ever it is without expecting any monetary benefit. I only accept money from my profession.  because I believe in a society who help each other. but sadly the world is going bad. no one is like to help each other. everyone walking with pride.

Everyday I go to his office and start developing site and in same time applied for job vacancies Online. last day an uneducated man (dont know which nationality) came to the Office and asked whether can make a CV for him. Manager heard and replied : “this is Office we dont prepare such things”. I felt bad on his reply. It took only 5 min to make CV but he sent back.

If this issue happened at Kerala, I wont feel sad because he can find DTP center without any difficulties. but at Gulf countries things are different. A man without a vehicle hard to find something and very far to travel.

when I was Kid I felt like everyone was helping each other and lived in unity but when I grown up (after 17) I relialized people loosing helping mentality and living their own. I thought it because of my age difference, I asked to some Old people they said ; before people having less money so they shared what they had. but now everyone have enough, so they don’t bother others. I also ¬†experienced many people , they look their own first &¬†make feels like they are very busy, don’t like to spend time for others. they think If they do some help (except donating money) it reduce their standard.

I have only one thing to say. we are here for less period (avg 60 years) Help the needy people by spending your time. Help will flow from one to another. If you dont do he might close his mind in helping other people. sometime I even thought he dont do, why should I? but I never stopped helping.


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  1. Dear brother,
    you and your thought are absolutely correct. keep going with the same attitude. those with real wisdom can only realize what humanity is.

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