Last week over 600 people were arrested for standing up for their rights to live and work in safe surroundings. Over 2320 acres of land are being acquired by the NPCIL(Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd) to build 6 mega nuclear reactors in Ratnagiri district. The public protests have been suppressed using police violence and false charges[1].

The NPCIL is planning to import expensive and unsafe nuclear reactors from French company, Areva. US and European nuclear regulators have identified severe flaws in the reactor and they have not approved the design.[2]

Over 2000 people will lose their land and over 10,000 people will have their health and livelihood affected due to this plant. Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh has the power to stop the import of dangerous nuclear reactors and listen to the concerns of the local people.

Can you write a letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh asking him to put the interests of Indian people above the interests of foreign nuclear companies.

Most of the people around the region have refused the compensation offered by the goverment. Showing their opposition to the nuclear power plant, over 3000 people voluntarily risked jail and they have been joined by prominent figures such as former High Court judge B. G. Kolse-Patil, Admiral L. Ramdas and retired Supreme Court Judge P. B. Samant.

The Indian government is once again putting the profits of foreign companies above the interests of it’s own people. Instead of putting people at risk we can provide safe electricity at a cheaper cost[3] and much faster[4] with decentralised Renewable Energy.

Write to Dr. Manmohan Singh now and put the safety of Indians first.

Thanks a billion!

Greenpeace India

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