What will happened when two Positive People comes together

Drawing of our Project 'Largest Rideable Bicycle' 9 Meter Long 5 Meter Height

Drawing of our Project ‘Largest Rideable Bicycle’ 9 Meter Long 5 Meter Height

I’m in UAE for two reasons, One is for Global Village project and other one is for finding Sponsor for Largest Rideable Bicycle.I reached here on Nov 1st 2016 and since that time I was busy with these project. after 2 days of going  in Global Village I understood that I need to contact them 4 months or min 2 months ago for any project.

Then I gave fully Concentration on finding Sponsor for Largest rideable Bicycle. I went to many universities here in UAE, sent many many email proposal to big companies, hotel and even shopping malls which I was seeing in my travel.

You know some exciting project that may get wide publicity reject from bottom level (reception), even if we ask allow meeting managers or appointment. They refuse even to give email of theirs. They never know what impact going to change that business. Guinness record attempt will get wide publicity in low cost compare to advertising in medias, Publicity is everything. It can go through Social Media (Selfies – People spreading), National and International News Paper, Media Coverage in free of cost.

As a normal guy and not been here in UAE (before) without any connection, it is very hard to find a sponsor for an event. But I believed some door will open somewhere, to reach this message to top level management was the challenge I faced. Just a 15 min of presentation with them can change their prospective towards this project.

My main target for this project was University at beginning as UAE day celebration surely happens in campus. here to universities there is no bus transportation. Taxi travel is very expensive;  I visited many universities and money was reducing highly less.

One of sad thing I faced was, I went to American Dubai University by paying 70 Dirhams and the security didn’t allow to enter without appointment. I got number from security and asked reception to give me less than 5 minutes of time and informed I am coming quiet far.  But she said even to meet her need appointment before by email or phone. What the hell. Too disappointed.

Time were going fast. already spend more money traveling, accommodation and all. Leaving country without doing nothing makes very sad. We are very sure some companies will come up. May be now or later. anyhow we must stick in plan to do Largest Rideable Bicycle here or some other country.

I told Mr.Dileef that traveling to universities without own transport is more expensive. for a try we went to to Abu Dhabi on 13th Nov 2016 to visit Kerala Society center, hoping to get connection of big shots. It was 178 KM far from room. I was having a draft in mobile, email of the proposal and we were keeping on sending to the towers & ads which i saw on roadside.

Once we got down in AbuDhabi bus station Mr.Dileef found a Shopping Mall and told “Niyaz send a proposal to that mall later”.  I told why keeping later will send now. Its was a great turn of Almighty God. While we were searching  restaurant for lunch, I sent them .time 03:27 PM. After 20 min an email “Thank you for the proposal, we would be happy to provide a platform for your concept. Please revert by tomorrow morning to proceed further‎.”

We never wasted time, respond back and try to get a meeting on same day.  it was mall manager. he said he is in Dubai so that arrange meeting with his deputy and forwarded number.

I called the deputy (Mr.Shiraz) it was evening 5.30 PM, he said to meet 2 days after.  I asked him if I can meet him tomorrow. UAE national day is arriving fast , so that time is very valuable for us and also thought we can avoid traveling again to Abu Dhabi.  Luckily on his tight schedule he (Mr.Shirazul) allowed 15 min and told us be there in sharp 10:45 PM & got my confirmation by email.

Even we are shortage of money we decided to stay in hotel. If we are going back we are unable to be on time. We had another appointment and friendly discussion went till night 11:30 PM. We bought less cost night dress from Lulu and start searching hotel in that midnight. After we search 2 or 3 hotel found one. Top star: nice facility and low rate 200 AED (someone can use).

Next day sharp time we reached that mall.  Presented the Largest Rideable Bicycle proposal to Mr.Shiraz and he agreed upon a certain portion of sponsorship. as per our concern platform is very necessary so we agreed. he said he will discuss with management and let us know. One day passed. Even though we know management decision take time still we were very impatient.  the reason is that UAE national day is approaching soon (Dec 2nd)  and need at least 10 days to finish it. We must need a answer at least today (16-Nov).

Finally today evening (16-Nov) Mr.Shiraz send me Congrats the project is ON. Vooo. the relief we got can’t describe. as for me this is a great achievement as a normal person. We have final meeting on coming Sunday 20-Nov-2016 12:00 PM. Just include us in your prayer for Success.

this is not an easy game to do things in Gulf Country . as this is involves big money and also have written agreement that enable UAE law makes things risk. The maker Mr.Dileef is 100% confident, so it’s my duty to support & make it done. many arrangement still remains left.

So keep your eye on this world wonder.

Updated : 03:Dec-2016

Display in Al Wahda Mall Abudhani on 02nd Dec 2016. Will make Rideable after the display

NB : We still have many Guinness record ideas to implement, those who interested contact .

by Niyaz Kannanchery

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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