My First Job Interview Experience

My First Job Interview Experience
It was so funny. I m talking about my first Interview which I attended on 30 Nov 2010. Students are not allowed for that interview. But I need that Job becaz it was near (3 KM) from my room as well as I like to Work in call center just for money.
This is my Vacation time & I dont wanna spoil my time , I m getting closer to my reality (after 6 months or 2 years) . So I wrote a lie script to present in front of that interviewers. If I tell the truth they won’t give Job.
One of my friend of friend working there. His name was Reny. So I told to my friend to inform him about me, Becaz as u know if an employee from that company refer me,chances are more. When I reached there I was supposed to call Reny, but my mobile switched off. Whenever we need something urgently nothing won’t work properly.It was an Uninor SIM Card BPO customer support .Total 4 Stages. First stage was a simple talk second was attitude test & 3rd was typing test. I passed the above 3. It was not difficult either. the 4th stage was testing our Stability to work in that Company, I like to call it as lie test. So I was bit worried.  becaz of facing the Managers. here I m a  fake person & I wanted to stick on my lies. In my place there is a TALK ‘ If u r telling lies, You must know how to stick on it’ but I don’t have that much ability. But I tried my best.

At managers Cabin. He ask me some normal questions like self-introduction, my Interesting field etc. Then he came to education. He asked me what I’m doing. I told I’m doing BA English as Correspondence (Distant education) from Bangalore University. but I m actually doing Bachelor of Commerce in a Regular College. The reason I choose it that I completed my PUC (higher secondary) 2007. If I say I didn’t do anything after that. It would be so risky and so many questions would come. as you know , In this correspondence studies we don’t need to go to any regular college. So i thought it was easy to convince them. But he went in deep around 10 min. I thought why he was talking like these so deeply. After some talk he said that Reny is so closed to him, and he told all about me that I’m studying for But I argued for some minute. But I felt telling more lie is not good & I said the truth. I tried to convince him that I need this job. No chance he is not ready.

I returned back to my Place. When i was coming I saw my friend. I told that incident. He said Reny is sitting over there (Juice corner shop). I met him said the incident. He said he didn’t know about it . And he said the story about another friend (it was my college mate). Some of my college mates also went for that interview two days back. Anyway that manager was Clever. But this friend Reny promised me that he can enter me in this job within 3 days becaz he s so close to manager. Now Waiting for it.

by Niyaz Kannanchery


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