MY EXPERIENCE FOR A BUSINESS. it may be right or wrong !

 My Experience for a Business. This may be right or wrong !

Lesson 1 : Never give any rest time for employees at business hours. don’t feel sorry on their works. Just utilize their effort in anyway.

Lesson 2 : never give chance to field executives to communicate them each other , If they are freshers. Becaz Market is full of negatives , complicated & high risky and they Share Negative talk each other.

Lesson 3 : if u r a new company, appoint only experienced one for field work . becaz freshers maynot carry pressure on field. Experience can handle customers in better way.

Lesson 4 : don’t expect high performance at starting level of business. It may take at least 2 year to come on track [profit].

Lesson 5 : Always give great care to the People who is working hard for the company even they are in Lower Level.

Will Update more  {last update 17th June 2013}

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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