Really India is a Rapist Country !!?

rape0Rape in India is one of the most biggest issue right now. last Thursday (12-June-2014) my colleague Miss.Hazel asked me why rape is more in India? she is from Philippines. I was thinking to write about this long time ago but I thought why humiliate my country. but realizing its a Global news and recently UNO or UNESCO (Orgn not sure) reported that the foreign tourist flow is less due to this issue.

Rape is happening in all countries.USA is on top.but when I search different sites India hold 2nd or 3rd Position happening highest rape. BRAVOOO :@ other countries in top 10 are : United Kingdom ,Mexico, Canada,Germany,Sweden, Russian Federation ,Belgium,Thailand

India is the second largest population in the world after China. I’m against publishing these type of news in media. this rape news pops up after Delhi Gang Rape in bus. before that I wasn’t see any rape news on Indian media. So it means that rape was not happening before ??? !!! Media is having main role in the society & they are the one who made this issue worst. I think it might be new to you also, that  USA is highest in rape but why you did not know until now ???

Presently the medias Job is searching every corner to find the rape cases becaz Once in a week atleast 3 news they are reporting. Is it make any changes in the nation. I cannot agree with your professional ethics dudes. this is serious but why medias giving more priority. Is your motive to Increase web traffic to websites or increase the subscription. Media Guys stop publishing this becaz this news doesn’t bring any values among people & People believe this society is bad & stop helping each other. PLEASE STOP PROMOTING NEGATIVE ENERGY. If you take the same initiative how many good news you can publish in a day.

My dad always complaint me that reading news paper habit is less. I know If I open news paper most of the news are in negative sense. Why Should I get that -Ve into my mind?.

With all respect to the Government & Judiciary. You have the biggest role to solve this issue not medias. Do you believe population is a curse ? Don’t you value human Life? when the rape count is increasing. whats the Indian Law for rapist (as per Indian Law : 376A Rape/Sexual Assault An amendment in the year 2013 provided for death penalty in case he inflicts an injury upon woman during rape which causes her death or to be in persistent vegetative state). Can I ask you Mr.Goverment ,how many people executed for this crime. the answer would be ZERO & these criminals gets bail too later. Poverty people mightconsider jail as luxury life when they get shelter to stay and 3 time food. the best way to reduce this crime is to take immediate action against this like cutting penis or Instead death Penalty once the case is proved.

by Niyaz Kannanchery

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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