Different between boys and girls. Is that CORRECT ?

I got a SMS … what you think the following Message? Comment your View


If a Girl laughs loudly she is cheerful,
If boy Laughs loudly he’s Mannerless !
If Girl talks sweetly she is Charming,
If Boy talks sweetly he’s a flirt !
If a Girl’s shopping she’s trendy,
If boy’s shopping he’s wasting money !
If Girl’s silent,she’s feeling sad.
If Boy is silent,he’s being rude.
If Girls walk in group its Group,
If boys walk in group its a Gang!
If girl can’t come for a date, She’s busy.
If boy can’t, he’s a cheat..
When a girl cries the world consoles her.
But when a boy cries “come on man, don’t be a Girl”.
If a girl slaps a boy “Boy has done the mistake”
If boy slaps a girl “Raskal doesn’t know to respect ladies”
If a boy talks to girls “he is flirting”
If girl is talking to boys “she is friendly”.
If a girl met with an accident ‘then its mistake of others’
If a boy does “bloody u don’t know how 2 drive’


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