Birds dying due to lack of water. How to help them.

bird hot

a dove resting in Window Shade, Mumtaza Qatar

today I visited my old boss home. while I was sitting at dining hall I noticed a sparrows sitting at window shade.I Iooked few sec and continue talking. Its an usual seen. After some hour my boss went to kitchen , took water & food, Opened window and filled it in two bowls.I asked what’s doing. said giving food to birds. they do it twice a day. how nice.

that time I remembered a message spreading on social sites that “Summer may cross 45 degrees. Many birds die due to lack of water. Keep a bowl of water on your balcony & Save birds”. I never took it serious.  but I tried it my home balcony once (Kerala, India). after 2 days I checked food & water. but no changes. So I left that task.

but at Qatar (gulf countries) birds may find difficult to get water. So I request all people to keep a bowl of water & food on your window shade. Keep change food and water every day and don’t leave this like I did. One day birds find this and Keep coming. this is small but reward from God might be BIG. hope you all heard a story of a man who entered Paradise for quenching a dog’s thirst.

NB : I like to add a small message : do not hurt any animals, birds or insects. Every creatures have Equal right to Live on Earth.

niyaz kannanchery at water fall Kerala

by Niyaz Kannanchery








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