what happened to Rebecca Black?

Most of you will remember Rebecca Black for that annoying song that she released called Friday, which went on to take over the world and seemed to constantly be playing, no matter where you went. Rebecca was heavily criticised for the song and even more so for her following videos, which was very uncalled for.

While her music is not exactly good, there is still no need for the trolls to pick on her, simply for doing something that she enjoys. Anyway, following the success of Friday, it was thought that Rebecca Black could be the new teen superstar, appearing on television shows and music video, for the likes of Katy Perry.
However, things have not worked out like that for Rebecca, who seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth. The following three music videos failed to hit the heights of Friday and, with the constant online bullying that she received, it seems that Rebecca has moved away from the spotlight some.

In October 2012, it was announced that Rebecca Black was working on her debut album but, almost a year later, there has been no word of its release. Somebody should have realised that novelty acts do not last long and should have pushed her album out at the height of her success.

We wish Rebecca Black good luck in whatever she chooses to pursue in the future.


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