You call us as Terrorist whats the real fact


Blog Date : 9 May 2014

I am not attacking any believe or religion.a disappointment, I like to share today, ie : when someone see a Muslim with beard they think of terrorist and religion Islam is treating as terrorist religion (outside Gulf countries). how it happened? who did this? when it all started? I start asking myself and tried to find truth. honestly I am afraid to Live in India with a Muslim name. If we argue anything withsupporting Islam we might be in Jail.

last year (2013) I went to Bangalore Commissioner Office to get attest my Degree certificate. before entering that office gate I did a call to my friend Naseef & informed where I am. because I know a Muslim name is enough to ruin our Life. there are many talented Muslim youth inside jail more than 6 years without even proving single evidence. they don’t get bail. court not even finish this Judgment in these long time.

I was working as G-road area Solidarity Youth Movement secretary. {In future If this partly ban in India they can put me in Jail. I NEVER do or did anything harmful to human beings but talk against injustice not with Weapon. this was happened to SIMI members (Students Islamic Movement of India) 2001}. anyhow we (Solidarity) conducted a regional program  last Feb 18th 2014 to protect human rights of Muslim people [Picture here]. We felt many are afraid to spread this program through social media.

note : Indian govt developing a Spy software named NETRA : this Program can track words like attack, bomb, blast, kill, terrorism, terrorist such in tweets, status updates, emails or blogs may bring you under surveillance of security agencies. If you are Muslim then this is enough to go behind bars.

there is a Law in India named UAPA / Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Law. the main disadvantage of this Law is : the court trial can extent so long and in this Period the accused stay in Jail. I know a person called Mr.Yahya Kammukkutty a brilliant Software Engineer was working in WIPRO bangalore who is from my native place. resigned from WIPRO and started his own software firm , 2008 Feb 18 Police arrested as accused in a bomb blast at Bangalore.People believe its trapped by WIPRO, he completes 6 Years without prove any evidence. how cruel this situation is. Who can return back his lost Life ??? (If he did anything wrong, he must get punishment). not even Judgement came out and through private investigation like this case many are proved that they are innocent (blog might go long, so cutting stories) but court don’t finish judgement. If any other religion do any blast they get bail & they name as criminals not terrorist .

I believe ‘Muslim & Terrorism ideology’ started after World Trade center attack {9/11 attacks}. do you believe thats did by Ozama bin laden? there are many contradictions in this. You have to watch this 10 min video If you believe so.

I dont understand why they specially attacking Islam, when they are many other. there must be something Special. When a attack happens and If there a Muslims, they call it as Terrorist attack. So how can you justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Palastin, Siriyan Wars. do you call it as terrorist attack? NO ! then what actually terrorism means? please make me clear. how many innocents are dying there & the count is increasing. No Voice to be heard against this. who care they aren’t our relatives na? I don’t know whether the above picture says true. “I am gonna tell God everything”. 3 year old Syrian boy Words hurts us. do you know how many people died in Middle East war. Afganistan 20,000, Iraq 500,000, Palestine 21,500, Syrian 1,46,000. this is just Official count , how many Unofficially?

american Wars

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for this Killing & putting innocents in jail and you still call Muslims are terrorist. Please do not believe media completely.  I like to request all that We Muslim are Peace Loving Religion. We never support anyone who is killing innocent People and Holy Quran says that “whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely” [Holy Quran Chapater : 5 Verse 32].

some terrorism cases are already proven to be fake and wrongly put charges on Muslims. One example is Ishrat Jahan fake encounter. (if you guys know other incidents share with me). So don’t point your finger on anyone unless its proved.

this Video is the reason I start writing this topic, this fill tears in your Eyes

If you wanna know more stories or doubt on above content. don’t hesitate to Ask in comment : like to know your feedback.

Updated : 27-July-2014

“It literally boils down into, if you cannot find terrorists within the Muslim community, make terrorists. Create the terrorists”. Secret world of FBI informants exposed in Al Jazeera. If you are really Interested to know more Watch here :

Updated : 01-May-2015

The Person I mentioned above Mr.Yahya Kammukkutty and all other 18 accused. note this line ALL OTHER 18 accused released yesterday with no evidence. who will return back his spend in Jail last 7 years. No one have answer. respected Court please finish all the cases without holding for longer period. many terrorism case against Indian youth already proved it fabricated. Please open the eyes. there are humans after all.


Mr.Yahya Kammukutti on 31-April-15 in Police Bus

Can you just imaging the emotion of him & his family gone through last 7 years. Put you in the same situation. anyhow soon we can hear the story happened from him last 7 black years. May God bless him to forget all the past & be a happy life.


by Niyaz Kannanchery

by Niyaz Kannanchery

3 thoughts on “You call us as Terrorist whats the real fact

  1. I don’t understand whats with you Muslim guys always acting like victims. How many Hindus are getting their fare share in gulf? or in Pakistan. Shameful of you to call yourself an Indian. India is home not just to Muslims, to Jews, Parsi’s, Sikh’s, Christians & Buddhists no one ever seems to complain. You are given reservations/ government jobs and treated more than equal. In a country where polygamy is a crime, hell ya, you are allowed to marry more than one woman as per Muslim marriage act. Whats your problem still?. About SIMI, its a terrorist organization without a doubt. The blasts in Bangalore were done by them. About Spying, Not just Indian government all governments are tracking the keywords around the world if not for this, lot more innocents would have died as some guy would have blasted a bomb again chanting the slogan “Allah hu Akbar” .
    About talented Muslims in jail without evidence and court delaying process, so are talented Hindu’s for other reasons/ similar reasons, its justice system of India which takes time to decide and follows procedure. Stop acting like a victim. Can you name a terrorist attack which happened in India where there were no Muslim(s) organizations/ accused. Not all Muslims are terrorists but the ones we encountered so far are Muslims. Rest is collateral damage. And for the terrorists who in the name of Jihad kill innocents including Muslims, you know why they do that? So that they can sleep with 72 virgins up in heaven (Sex? of all things is driving force). I condemn them, and condemn any writing which is provocative of such a behavior.

    • I am not against any religion, Did I say Indian is only for Muslim? 🙂 I was trying to say that Muslims are targeting all over. no other religions facing this. If any other religion attack any place its not calling as terrorism. WHY?

      what the Link between polygamy and terrorism? there are Certain Condition to marry more than one lady in Islam? did you see every Muslims have more than one wife in India? very rare.

      3 months before someone slaughtered a cow put infront of temple. People shouted on social media that it was done by muslims. next day 2 Hindus are arrested. like wise If someone say slogan Allahu Akbar doesn’t mean that it must be muslim OR If he is a Muslim he’s mightn’t get heaven becaz as I noted on blog Islam says KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE BIG CRIME IN ISLAM. how they get heaven by killing?

      Islam is saying to respect other religion.

      Holy Quran Verse Chapter 29 Verse 46 “Do not argue with the people of the scripture (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) except in the nicest possible manner – unless they transgress – and say, “We believe in what was revealed to us and in what was revealed to you, and our god and your god is one and the same; to Him we are submitters.”

      Holy Quran Chapter 6 Verse 108 “And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah , lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do.”

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