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I am not an attitude guy. but very confident in my Life. never think that, I am Superior than anyone. the environment which i grown defined Who I Am. If i live in other atmosphere the result would be different. So no one have the right to think someone is greater than other & I hate people who do show off on people..

If I received any help from others even its small; I help them back more than how much they helped me otherwise I wont satisfy . any struggling time I will be with them.

If anyone ask suggestion or advice to me. If I know I explain them but always say you can ask to some others too to confirm. the things which I not knowing  i say it openly & show a door, where he/she can resolve it. I believe a society who helping each other & make people happy. Even in busy times too I find time for others. I enjoy busy life. always engage in different things.Never like to waste my time. I don’t allow anyone to exploit me more. I wanna make sure If I help it should reached at right People.

I don’t like Pending work in my Profession. I work after my working hours to complete the pending task without expecting any reward.I always be Loyal & honest on what I am doing.

Money is always secondary in my Life. My main priory is good relation with people. If I can make others happy with my money I do it. I dont have any passion Live Life more. I am always ready see God anytime. I Love to put my Life on risk to find my hidden potential.

If someone borrow money from me I wanna get it back on time, If they cannot, have to say another date without asking. No issue on waiting otherwise I feel bad on him/her. If I borrow money from someone & when I return I add bit more as reward for helping me, even though they refuse I say i get it after some time. Its not for all. this favor Only for the people who helped at my tough time. I dont like to keep other’s single money with me. never count how much I give to parents & Own sisters.

In any talk with People and when someone say wrong info which I know, I correct them once but If the person argue back never correct him again. I speak only what I am sure about, If its not sure I tell it.

If some one advise me I hear them carefully & agree all with them. but I accept only what i feel right for me.

If I explain something, I wanna make People the message is understood. No matter how many time I repeat.

I love to Live alone (there is a emotional story behind changing my mind like this, I share some other time or may be not ) becaz I believe I can achieve my dream when I don’t have any responsibility (freedom to travel anywhere) . but I know at some point of time I have to find my Life Partner. When our decision is strong enough we can achieve anything.

I am not afraid of anything even I loose job.  but If you see I act as Silent (not much talkative) in front of stranger. reason is that I don’t wish to hear any bad words against me like I’m attitude guy. when we express our knowledge to a stranger without giving space to talk he feel bad on us. If a stranger talk to us & We allow them to speak more without arguing. It maybe beginning of New Friendship.

If I done any mistake I will accept it without any hesitation but the mistake done by others and crucify me It make me very angry & raise my voice where ever its.

I don’t care what others saying about a person. I only evaluate how he/her behaviour towards me. I believe everyone first until I get cheat, becaz I believe TRUST IS EVERYTHING. Cheating means not in term of money. how can we live If we see everyone in doubtful eye. Even that person cheat I don’t hate him/her or break relation from my side..

I don’t interfere other’s Life. because everyone have thinking capacity. Its their Life, their Choice and I expect same freedom from others. You can advise me one time If you don’t like something but not more.

Anyone can say frank (Open) Opinion about me. I Love to hear that, not praisals. because It help me to improve my standard. Anyone including strangers can speak any topic with me (some topic have small limit), I don’t feel any wrong with them.

I am very conscious about my health. Never include Smoking, Drinking or Drungs in my Life Style. some People smoke and Omit smoke on others face , may be without intention in Public . I hate to see it. You may have right to smoke & destroy your Life not others even for seconds.

I respect People only who is doing good to man Kind without expecting anything back.

If any of my Old Classmates or friend call me after long time for asking any help it make me happy very much that he remembered me.

I hate chatting or texting for long time (more than 5 min). but my mates know I wasn’t like this at my college days (Story behind).

Nature is my favorite subject. Always Protect my own ways. I Love to work for any organisation or religion If its for protecting nature or helping poor people.

I Never show any racism with Black or White, Rich or Poor, My nationality or Other Nationality. treat everyone in equal manner because Everyone is from God and everything is same in all just appearance is different.

My face is the mirror of my mind. what is in my mind reflect on my face. I cannot hide my emotions,

I dont like to Live as miser. spend how much I want remaining only goes to my Saving.

I never say I completed my studies but I completed the fields which I love to learn. Choosed profession as accountant, I wanted to learn Desktop hardware assembling (learned) at the time of Desktop era. troubleshooting system I learned by myself from home PC. had passion to learn Web development & core of dynamic sites (learned). always excited to know about 3D designing (learned). these was 4 things I wished to learn in life. now what all I am learning is additional to my career. Next is to take Post Graduate in Accounting

the intention of this writing is to let others know my true character. what all mentioned above is 100% true.  I dont know whether you read this or not . You can behave with me as per that :). thanks for your valuable time. May God bless you all.

this Article will be Update


the two category of People I am respecting is Farmers & Soldiers. for me they are the real Hero and one more category I respect is the People who help poors & needy People without expecting anything back.

I hate when anyone take my photo without my Permission.

I like to watch News Based & knowledge based Programs but don’t like crime news.

I dont like to roam in building or mall. but crazy to visit forest, waterfall & landscape.


niyaz kannanchery at water fall Kerala

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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