Walk Away from Negative Talks

You are more powerful than you think

two months of Job search, I found a Job (25th April 14) which meets my requirements. today after my Office , I was walking to room. I met the person who advised me (while I was searching Job) to choose a Job Salary around **** QR & he continued that Its hard to get Job visa here. the offer he said was every Company offering. I didn’t argue back but never listened it. I have my own mindset. I never stop something until I achieve.


Why I have to make someone options to my Reality. today he asked about my salary I said pretty good. the salary I’m receiving is bit more double he suggested. I don’t wanna make him jealous. the People who say negative talks always jealousy people.


If you Believe in your Quality,Strong enough to Wait and Risk yourself ;  don’t allow someone to exploit you without paying good salary, Consider your education, experience before you set your salary. Most Important you have to believe yourself and don’t get disappointed fast. If you feel you are fedup, listen motivational speech to boost you up.


What I believe : Life is for Challenging. I put my Life under risk to know where my success laying. never afraid about future or death. never miss any opportunity. always I took part in School, college competitions. Even I lose , I learn something new. at my College days I did network marketing. what all I get is lessons to lead my Life in future.


for sure we struggle but enjoy that struggles.Mark what all you have to achieve every year. Work for it. Every humans are equally Gifted. how we are reacting on situation write our Success. Always be humble in your talk and help others. never be jealous on others position because they only know how much they work hard to reach that position. luck is always secondary.


Niyaz Kannanchery

Niyaz Kannanchery

4 thoughts on “Walk Away from Negative Talks

  1. Well said Niyaz. I thought I’m the only one that feel this way. I’m into my second month of job search. Let’s see what happens.

  2. Hi Niyaz,

    You are absolutely right! Everyone are equally gifted! It is our choice whether to succeed or no. In my personnel experience, I have met too many people who spread negative energy to others. I also like to say what I now earning is 12 times more than what I was earning in Qatar in 2006!!!
    Good luck man! I enjoy your writing.



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