Villaggio mall Fire and My Dreams burned together

villagio mall

I had many dreams when I traveled to Qatar. But all went wrong due to Villagio mall fire. this incident affected many people life directly & indirectly. not too sentimental story.

Villagio fire (May 28, 2012) happened 1 week before of my travel. I took 3 months Job leave from Manas Group & flew to Qatar for Job Visit. After 3 weeks, I found a Job  as accountant. It was a construction company. My first duty was to make computerized financial statement of last 2 years from written journal, receipt & payment slip for auditing.

I continued my work. My visa was with NOC that can transfer to another visa without exiting from Qatar. I thought of transferring to company visa on 3rd month. One of our company project was to do interior & security system work of Landmark Group at Al Khor. As you know Construction companies first invest the amount on projects then regain in installment.

(small turn ) After Villagio mall fire Qatar government increased securities in all malls. As result City Center also closed for 1 month. Landmark have around 16 shops in City center. At this time Our landmark project was over & submitted for fund. But they couldn’t pay back. Their Income stopped from city center.

Our company do not pay money to sponsor monthly. On 2nd month he asked for last year sponsorship money. It was huge. Our company also investment in other projects and became financially tight. Without paying he won’t sign for any paper. So I couldn’t change to their company visa and returned back to Home Land. but company MD was kind and he settled my full salary before travelling.

I never blame God for anything happened in my Life but thank him for any blessing. he’s caring me that’s why he is giving me challenges to face. I’ll come again to get back my dreams.

by Niyaz Kannanchery

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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