the Smallest Mobile Ever in the World

Japanese wireless company Willcom reveals tiniest phone ever with Email.

While Samsung is busy trying to sell you a smartphone that barely fits in your pocket, one Japanese wireless company, Willcom, is offering a phone about half the size of a credit card – the smallest ever. Willcom’s new miniature phone, the Strap 2, is less than 3 inches long and just over an inch wide, making it the smallest cell phone ever made.

Measuring in at 32mm x 70mm x 10.7mm, and weighing just 32 grams (a little over an ounce,) the Strap 2 is Willcom’s almost tongue-in-cheek response to the millions of people flocking over the latest, greatest, and biggest gadgets out there. The teeny phone features a 1-inch display, T-9 keypad, and can handle your average, every-day need of phone calls, text messaging, and e-mail – though you may need a microscope to read it all. Because of the tiny size, the Smart 2 has just a 2-hour talk time before needing a charge, though you may not need much time to talk looking as ridiculous as you would with such a small phone by your ear.

The Strap 2 is a fourth the weight of an iPhone, less than half its size, and will be arriving in three colors: white, black, and pink. No word if Willcom will ever bring its tiny phone to American markets, but the it’s set to debut in Japan soon with a tiny price to match it. While those looking for their next smartphone may scoff at the Strap 2, it’s amazing to see how small our gadgets could be, especially considering how massive a Galaxy Note 2 or other phablets are in comparison – so big HTC offers a miniature phone to compliment its own oversized gadgets. Plus, the Strap 2 in pink is just absolutely adorable.

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