the people who’s barking against INDIAN corruption

the  people who’s barking against INDIAN corruption

if a police caught you from bike for small reason & the fine is 300 RS. what will you do ??  Pay 100 to police as bribe & escape  OR Will you ready to pay it in COURT [legal way].

Dear friends corruption is a easy for us. But we wish to stop & bark against corruption but no one is understanding that we are only Promoting it . Sorry Don’t think I m supporting Corruption. I m not.

Now Mr.Anna Hazare’s issue [INDIA against corruption] is going on & all are behind him. after one month you can see what govt do for it, will  it bring any good effect for the normal peoples life. no NEVER. this is a democratic country where is our public smoking act, child labour act, customer protection act etc etc ….. all are there in paper but its not happening here in INDIA. we cannot imagine whats going on behind politics. its terrible & fully corrupted. no one can remove it. HERE MONEY & POWER is playing roles not the PEOPLE !!!!

by Niyaz Kannanchery



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