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Where ever there is a human being, there is an Opportunity for Kindness | Share, Care, Joy

2nd Year of my College Life, in Bangalore. those days evening I go for exercise and One day found a lady (looks poor) fell down on road side. it was touching, never seen like this anywhere before. I thought she faint of hunger. I asked a shop keeper near by, he replied she is drunk. I don’t know the real but bought 1 Kg banana placed near her head & walked away. everyone was looking at me. I quickly disappeared. (Join or Please DONT STARE, if you see someone helping other)

this story came up in mind when I watched a video today from YouTube channel by TrueStoryASA (video down). a small group can do the same way, like what they did at your weekend or holidays.

by God Grace we never suffered hunger. say thanks to God & your Parents. some of us do fasting at the month of ramadan but Is that make any changes in you?  the real face of hunger is horrible.

always keep in mind that we cannot take our money to grave. Protect your family, give best education for your children, save something for emergency situation and help others. You might heard the words of Anne Frank” No one has ever become poor by giving”. Yes her words are absolutely true.


                                                    Watch Video : Make the Homeless Smile

Hope you watched video. How was that, Isn’t it great? Its not expensive to do the same way. You can do it as a small group and receive smiles from bottom of heart plus big reward from God. If someone asking for help, give what you can.

its better to remember that,  anytime you may become poor. God is so powerful. how many real examples in front. natural disaster (floods,earthquakes or wars) can take everything from you. so don’t walk with pride and do not reject homeless. when I did a Facebook post related with this a friend commented “do not promote begging”. No We are not promoting begging. look how he/she is before giving. because there are people who is in need. If you think you don’t want get cheated buy them food or If someone saying their wallet is stolen no money to reach home, buy them a ticket {I faced same from calicut railway station}

Simple act of kindness can go a long way toward encouraging someone to Live.

recently I watched another Video too. An Arab guy giving money to people who clean beautiful this is. No matter if you shoot and spread these type Videos. this might inspire others to do good.


niyaz kannanchery

by Niyaz Kannanchery

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