Gillette: Soldier Wanted

Moving away from its usual advertisements which shows product features, Gillette launched a new ad-campaign on TV with tag line “Soldier For Women”.  Going with the current national trend of Women’s security and women’s right, Gillette’s ad-campaign seems very much aligned.

Shot in Black & White, the ad starts with “Soldier Wanted”, building on its “Soldier” platform, and goes on to show men from various profession followed by women from various profession and social group. Then its shows coming them togather and men standing by women as soldiers and voice over says “Soldiers wanted. Not to guard the borders. Not to go to war. But to support the most important battle of the nation. To stand up for women. Because when you respect women… You respect your nation. Support the movement. Gillette salutes the soldier in you”.  And ad ends with hashtag:#SoldierForWomen

The hashtag: #SoldierForWomen is also helping Gillette to gain more eyeballs on twitter. While this article was being written the hashtag had reached to 12,837 twitter accounts 13,340 impressions. (Click Here to View). And analysis of this tweets show that people are really appreciating Gillette’s step of bringing attention to women’s issues in India.

The ad aptly use current national emotions to get attention. It shows that men needs to come forward and support women and If you do it then you are “The Gillette Macho Man” and Gillette salutes you. Sharat Verma, country marketing manager, Gillette India, said, “Gillette’s brand purpose is to help men make a difference in their world and “Soldiers Wanted”  ad calls out to all the men who embrace the values of the solider by standing up for women”.  Through this ad  Gillette also connects with women which its has been using as doll or lollipop in its advertisement. But it also bring back old debate of “women to be protected by men” which is altogether different topic but Gillette does score to in communicating its message of “enabling men to help them make a difference in the new, more aware India today”.

by Jugal Shah

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