A Boy’s Cry is Much more Meaningful !

“Boys cry when no one can see them, when no one can see them cry..” This hit song from the 60’s by Eden Kane shows us that not much has changed in the last 50 years. Boys don’t cry a lot, they like to show how strong they are and how manly they can be with girls. What girls don’t know about boys is that in fact boys can be just as sensitive as girls and can show their emotions through crying. Most boys are just as sensitive as girls, but are raised to hide their feelings. They have been reared to be men and so they just don’t like to be as showy as girls. They tend to keep what they feel inside and show no emotions at all. But if the girl they really love leaves them, there is no doubt that the boy who doesn’t normally shed a tear, will now have tears flowing down his face. It’s not really new for girls to see boy’s cry . Girls are more showy about their sensitive side, and don’t really care if they even cry in front of their class, or in public places. Girls just can’t bear the feeling of hiding their emotions and what they are feeling. But guys on the other hand are good at this kind of situation. They can keep what they are feeling inside, and they are good at hiding anything, especially if it’s to do with their emotions and sensitivity. If you have seen a boy who cries, then that would be the true tears of sadness or true joy. If a boy is suffering physically or emotionally, they can also cry a lot. Because its more important for them to hide their feelings, when tears are shed there is usually a very good reason. They don’t want anyone, especially that someone special, to see them cry. Boys can be a bit shallow and worry about their public image. They are more concerned with what people might think of them but that is no reason to feel badly about them They just want to prove to everyone and also their partner that they are strong in handling problems. They don’t want the people who surround them to think they are weak when it comes to relationships. They want to show their loved one that they can deal with any problems and that they won’t let their emotions control them. So basically, its their ego that is keeping them from showing their sensitive side. But if you have already seen your man cry for you, then you are pretty lucky for you have someone who is not afraid to show his better side. And a boy’s cry is actually one of the strongest ways to show someone that they are afraid to lose you and bring your relationship to an end.

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